What is a Smart City?

There is no universally accepted definition to define the “Smart City”, but it is undoubtedly a self-sustainable, prosperous, socially harmonious city that provides its citizens with all the means for excellent human development. Of course, this requires the use of technologies that allow the intelligent use of material and human resources, and on the other hand, it implies the legal support that favors the development of the “Smart City”.

In Quer茅taro,el Cl煤ster de Tecnolog铆as de la Informaci贸n y Comunicaciones del estado de Quer茅taro, V贸rtice IT, under the direction of Bernardo Buitr贸n Rosainz and the LIX Legislature with the leadership of the Comisi贸n de Desarrollo Econ贸mico y Comercio de la LIX Legislatura del Estado de Quer茅taro, Mauricio Alberto Ruiz Olaes, are promoting the Quer茅taro 4. 0, in collaboration with companies from the IT Sector, represented by Eleuterio Zamanillo from Edutechser, Edda Robles from OpenTec, Daniel Landeros from Grayscale Interactive, Lissette Orellana from GFI and Ulises Lino from Linnet.