Through our methodology, the entrepreneur achieves two main benefits:

An assured return on investment.

An innovation plan.

Ensuring a return on investment is our commitment and what distinguishes our consultancy.

This is the way we put ourselves on the entrepreneur’s side as part of his team, because we know that if the entrepreneur loses, we lose a client and the opportunity to refer him to us.

It is also the guarantee that we offer to apply technology in an intelligent way, because if the technological tool does not help to prosper, it means that it is badly applied or inefficiently developed.

The second thing, the innovation plan, is the final result of our methodology. It is a consequence of creativity and collaboration with the entrepreneur and his team. It is the result of the creativity and passion we put into providing user-friendly, easy-to-use and elegant solutions.

But how do we achieve the benefits of return and innovation?

Let’s remember that previously as part of our methodology:

We analyze the problematic situation based on Design Thinking’s empathy framework.

We look for the real causes of the observed symptoms through the Cause Effect Tree of our methodology.

We generated a solution strategy.

Now, based on the information gathered, a cost analysis is performed:

Costs of the problem.

Opportunity costs.

In this way, we evaluate the solution and generate an implementation plan that ensures the return on investment.

Finally, we analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to generate a plan that proposes an evolution of the company, this is the technological innovation plan.