The price of a custom software application for your company or business is determined in a very similar way to the way an architectural project is quoted:

In an architectural project, you determine the objectives you want to achieve with the property, whether a building for commercial, business purposes or a house. The number of people who will live in or visit the property, their activities, and their space and mobility needs.

Likewise, the construction of a software application requires taking into account the different users, their activities and responsibilities, their privileges and permissions to access the information. As well as the amount of information they will handle, the speed with which the information must be available to the users, the relationships between the users and their information.

In the architectural project, the foundation is designed according to the terrain, taking into account its irregularities, slopes, “sinkholes”, type of rock, clay or earth, depth required to support the load, etc. To build a software application we take into account the complexity of the operation processes in the company or business, the different special rules that must be fulfilled to automate and digitalize the processes.

An architect also takes into account the materials, finishes and lifestyle you are looking for. In software development, the speed of response, the quantity and detail of the information to be provided are valued. As well as the different media and electronic formats that are needed for the management of information by different users.

Finally, in the same way that the architect evaluates whether to incorporate ways to make the most of solar or wind energy, in the application of customized software, all the screens, windows and ways in which technology can be used to make an operation faster or increase the speed with which a person becomes familiar with the technological tool are evaluated, so that the adoption of the technology is as fast as possible at the lowest cost.