A story of collaborative design of the best solution.

The plant was experiencing conflicts between the production, warehouse and logistics areas due to differences between what was produced, what was delivered and what was sent to the franchises. The Production Management was under great pressure to improve productivity.

The company already had an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in place, and many barcode equipment distributors had offered to quote them hardware and commercial software promising to solve the situation. The ERP firm was offering new modules, but management was hesitant and felt that the vendors did not understand them because they did not take into account various details of the operation.

Management’s perception was that the suppliers were only interested in the sale.

When they contacted us, we presented our methodology and they decided to take our consulting services. So we started to collaborate in designing the best solution for their company.

The main reason they also hired us to implement the solution was because no other vendor had proposed feasibility testing before making a significant investment in the implementation of the new system.

In addition, an ROI was ensured and two technologies were compared to make the best decision:
More benefits resulted from the collaborative solution implemented:

The technology was well accepted by the production lines.

Ability for automatic expiration check in franchises.

Traceability of products for quality control.

Ability to monitor productivity on production lines.

Increased productivity in warehouses due to flexible interfaces.


Why is there innovation in this solution if bar coding has been used since 1974? Because at an international level today it is a competitive advantage to digitize processes, using the full potential of the GS1-128 standard to optimize inventories, reduce waste and improve visibility in the supply chain.

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